Home Design And Consultation Devonport, Tasmania

Planning to build your dream home? As Devonport’s leading home design and building specialists, Laing Homes is here to turn your dream into reality.


We provide home design and consultation services in Devonport, Tasmania that are tailored to your individual needs. We understand that everyone has unique ideas for their home: we work closely with you to make sure your vision becomes a reality.

Our experienced in-house designers are on call to guide you through the process of creating the perfect look for your home. We offer advice on what materials and colours will be best suited for the Devonport climate as well as aesthetically pleasing, as well as internal fixtures and fittings.

For those requiring comprehensive assistance, a full-service design might be the right choice. This service allows for more in-depth planning and collaboration between the homeowner and designer. During this process, our designers take into account all of your needs and wants to create a plan that fits both your style and budget. We work with local contractors, so any physical work needed to realise your vision can implemented  quickly and professionally.

No matter what level of service you need, having someone knowledgeable at hand makes achieving the perfect look for your home much easier than trying it alone.


Every client is different, so we tackle each project with an individualised approach. We listen carefully to your wishes and factor in your budget when making design decisions. We also take into account any other considerations, such as lifestyle needs or environmental conditions.

To ensure the best possible results, we use a three-step process for our home design and consultation services. From the initial meeting to the finished product, we guarantee a smooth journey that will leave you with a stunning home.

  1. Consultation

    First, we get to know you and your project needs. During this stage, we discuss your likes, dislikes, and any other considerations that will help inform our design. Wel also ask questions about your budget and timeline so that we can create a plan tailored to your individual needs.

  2. Planning and design

    Our team of experts will create a plan based on your requirements. Our professionals use 3D modelling software to draft up different layouts and provide visualisations to give you an idea of what the final result might look like. We’ll also make sure all necessary materials are selected and ordered before construction begins.

  3. Construction

    Finally, our experienced builders bring the plan to life. Every step is carefully monitored by our team members to ensure each project is completed successfully and efficiently. We are committed to providing quality customer service throughout the whole process so that you can enjoy your new space without any hassles or delays.


Ready to get started on your new home? To  begin the journey towards creating your dream home in Devonport, just request a consultation by filling out our online form. One of our experienced team members will contact you to discuss the details.

With Laing Homes, you’ll get a personalised experience tailored to your individual needs and wants. With our extensive knowledge of home design and construction, you can trust us to give you the best results possible. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful space in Devonport that you’ll love for years to come.